The Right Size

AKR is neither a giant corporation where one might get lost in the sea of employees nor is it a small organization where there might be a lack of experience or opportunities available. We are just the right size where there are opportunities to grow and advance in one’s career, but we don’t lose our warm and familial atmosphere.

Big Ambition

AKR has achieved much in the last few years, but we are not complacent. We are eager to find new business opportunities, new markets to enter, new products to sell and we are always growing. We have partnered with BP to expand our retail business and brought in new products such as lubricants. We have also diversified into industrial estates to not only to enter a new market but also as a complement to our existing business. AKR is always looking ahead and we have big ambitions for our future

Family Values

AKR will always strive to create a warm and supportive working environment. Where senior management will know the names of their team members and treat each other with respect. We strive to find the right balance between the professional and personal life, because we know that both are not exclusive to the other. Family values such as warmth, care, respect and trust are an important part of our culture.

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